Shimmering Bubble Glamour

by Guillermina Chiu

As I stood inside the new M&A (Materials and Applications) exhibit enclosed by luxuriously shimmering circular objects, I almost felt like champagne fluid inside a flute in which time had been stopped allowing the unhurried motion of bubble interaction to occur. With roughly slow pulse heartbeats, the silky bubbles and an eclectic crowd chatting on the street was the basis of a new hip-arty commotion.

The breeze night allowed for a perfect “beach like” experience for the spectators this project conceived by FoxLin and NONDesign, a set of linked eight feet pneumatic spherical nylon structures in a sandy sloped box.

To the amateur eye, other than the sparkling effect created by the micro-fluorescent light element, it might look like a group of huge lamps hanging from the sides of two Spanish style houses, with no intention at all. Never the less to the more theoretical Angelino socialite, it means the blow out of the boundaries between art and science. It means the new art installation era.

The creator’s inspiration was taken from the Utopie group of Guy Deboard. Both for which their target was to transgress the frontier separating art and culture and making them part of common life. Aubert, Stingo and Jugmann managed to accommodate a use and a user in their functional structures, from traveling theaters to exhibition halls; and indeed M&A managed to create an ordered structure, in which organization and function where the slightest missing matters, just as in real LA, common traffic life. No matter how bad it is, everybody seems to find their way around it.

The so called “interactive display”, rather than creating freely deflating pathways, generated enormous imposing shapes that guided people’s flow through the confusing exhibition, in which the spectator seemed not to know what to do but either push the bubble away from their way or go with the movement of the flow.

As the viewer made their way through the unexpected sloped sand beach in the middle of Silver Lake, just as a mountain climber would do, cutting through all kinds of adversities to get to the top, a very disturbing sight appeared: A large paint chopped white wall, music apparatus and mechanical equipment that perhaps happened to malfunction that night.

When I got to the top, I couldn’t help but wonder why would they call it an observation ramp for lectures? If M&A are really considering using the space for colloquium purposes, they might want to revise the effervescent bubbles location, which, frankly make it almost impossible to see through.

Indeed “Bubbles” purpose of joining art and science might be a good aim. However this arty-retro philosophers should revisit their inspiration source for better understanding of their intents. Perhaps less arty-bragger structure would be the perfect gorgeous way out since M&A cleverness is not yet fully developed. We shall see in their next outrageous display, for now, their future is still qualm…

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